Year Term

  • Winter, 2015-2016
    GERMAN 239/FEMGEN 239
    Taught by: Adrian Daub
    This course is designed to introduce graduate students and advanced undergraduates to the core texts of queer theory. Topics will include: the relationship between queer theory and feminism, between queer theory and... Learn more
  • Fall, 2015-2016
    Taught by: Mark Algee-Hewitt
    The advent of digital technology has drastically changed the way that we read. Even while more people than ever are reading more text on a daily basis, technology is still viewed as an opponent of literature and culture, a... Learn more
  • Spring, 2015-2016
    Taught by: Robert Casas Roige
    Emphasis is on interaction in Spanish locally and globally. Regional vocabularies and cultures at home and abroad. Interaction with local native Spanish speakers and communities globally via the Internet. May be repeated once for... Learn more
  • Fall, 2015-2016
    ILAC 277
    Taught by: Ximena Briceño
    As a major cultural phenomenon of the 20th century, rock has been rolling in different languages. In this course, we study rock “en español” as part of the global soundscape of rock. In Rock en español we learn to hear how rock... Learn more
  • Fall, 2015-2016
    Taught by: Scott Sagan, Joseph Felter
    Our understanding of warfare often derives from the lofty perspective of political leaders and generals: what were their objectives and what strategies were developed to meet them? This top-down perspective slights the experience... Learn more